Innovative Gift Ideas for the Baby Shower

Baby shower is an event to celebrate the upcoming or recent birth of an infant by offering gifts to the mother. The term shower is often assumed to mean that the expecting moms should be showered with wonderful gifts. If you are going to attend a Baby Shower party of your near and dear one, then you need to make the gift baskets yourself. Many people buy ready-made gifts from nearby gift stores. However, they don’t even know that while doing so, those gifts lack the personal touch which a gift demands. Hence, it is advisable to make your own gift basket. After all, a gift basket is just a handful of gifts including books, candy, toys, etc. packed in a beautifully designed basket. But the presentation matters a lot rather than its cost and number of gift items. Thus, the hand-made gift baskets for Baby Shower get an edge over the ready-made ones which are available in the market. You should remember an important fact that gifts for event like birthdays, anniversaries, baby shower, wedding day have nothing to do with the cost of gifts than with the way they are put together in a basket.

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If you want to make the gift baskets for a baby shower party which looks unique and draws attention, you need to consider the following things.

Important Needs of Expecting Mamas

  • When it comes to gifts for Baby Shower, it is very essential for you to know the important needs of the Moms to-be’s. While selecting gifts to put in the gift baskets, it’s really a good idea to purchase funny maternity T-shirts from Bump Babies. No matter how moms like to wear the fashionable shirts now-a-days. Not only maternity clothes offer trendy touch to their look, but also offer a comfortable feeling during their pregnancy times.
  • Besides clothes, if you want to showcase your creativity, then you need to make a nursing survival kit including the items breast pads and a book of “The Womanly Art of Breast Feeding”.
  • Another idea for preparing the gift basket is to make a gift basket for baby’s sleeping time. The basket can be comprised of a soft baby blanket, a miracle blanket and a white noise CD.

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Be Yourself

While making gift baskets, you must be confident that the gifts will be useful for the moms. Also make sure that they will enjoy your gift. Whatever the gift baskets that you will prepare, you need to keep in mind that the ideal gifts for the Baby Shower are those which don’t lose its part to enjoy the parents.


Feel Comfortable with Funny Maternity T-shirts During Your Pregnancy

In a woman’s life, pregnancy is the most wonderful experience. So, she should enjoy every bit of it. To some a growing belly may seem ugly, but according to me it is the real beauty of a woman. In fact your growing belly has a baby inside it so how can it be ugly. Rather we can say it is the actual beauty. So, at this point of time, it is very much essential to take care of your health as it directly affects your baby. So, keeping this in mind, fashion designers have designed a large number of unique maternity clothes to help the expectant mothers feel comfortable. And funny maternity t-shirts are among them.


So, are you looking for funny maternity t-shirts to wear during pregnancy? You do not have to wait for a long time to find the one because now-a-days you will find a lot of funny ones in the market. Most of these shirts are available with funny prints while others have funny statements printed on it.


You can purchase these t-shirts of V-necks or round necks and can buy some that are available in different designs such as prints and statements. As these are available in different size, you can buy it according to your size. One of the most important things related to these t-shirts is that you can wear them even after your pregnancy.


Thus, finding these t-shirts are not difficult. If you want a wider selection of these t-shirts, bump babies is the best place for you to shop. We offer funny maternity clothes to the expecting mom and dad. We have a wide collection that includes bump tees, yoga pants, bump tanks. bump marrock, bump vees and funny maternity tops for would be moms.