Innovative Gift Ideas for the Baby Shower

Baby shower is an event to celebrate the upcoming or recent birth of an infant by offering gifts to the mother. The term shower is often assumed to mean that the expecting moms should be showered with wonderful gifts. If you are going to attend a Baby Shower party of your near and dear one, then you need to make the gift baskets yourself. Many people buy ready-made gifts from nearby gift stores. However, they don’t even know that while doing so, those gifts lack the personal touch which a gift demands. Hence, it is advisable to make your own gift basket. After all, a gift basket is just a handful of gifts including books, candy, toys, etc. packed in a beautifully designed basket. But the presentation matters a lot rather than its cost and number of gift items. Thus, the hand-made gift baskets for Baby Shower get an edge over the ready-made ones which are available in the market. You should remember an important fact that gifts for event like birthdays, anniversaries, baby shower, wedding day have nothing to do with the cost of gifts than with the way they are put together in a basket.

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If you want to make the gift baskets for a baby shower party which looks unique and draws attention, you need to consider the following things.

Important Needs of Expecting Mamas

  • When it comes to gifts for Baby Shower, it is very essential for you to know the important needs of the Moms to-be’s. While selecting gifts to put in the gift baskets, it’s really a good idea to purchase funny maternity T-shirts from Bump Babies. No matter how moms like to wear the fashionable shirts now-a-days. Not only maternity clothes offer trendy touch to their look, but also offer a comfortable feeling during their pregnancy times.
  • Besides clothes, if you want to showcase your creativity, then you need to make a nursing survival kit including the items breast pads and a book of “The Womanly Art of Breast Feeding”.
  • Another idea for preparing the gift basket is to make a gift basket for baby’s sleeping time. The basket can be comprised of a soft baby blanket, a miracle blanket and a white noise CD.

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Be Yourself

While making gift baskets, you must be confident that the gifts will be useful for the moms. Also make sure that they will enjoy your gift. Whatever the gift baskets that you will prepare, you need to keep in mind that the ideal gifts for the Baby Shower are those which don’t lose its part to enjoy the parents.


Wonderful Selection of Maternity T-Shirts for Expecting Moms

Maternity period is a significant as well as valuable time span for a woman. During this spectacular time, you should wear beautiful, comfortable as well as trendy maternity t-shirts instead of loose fitted shirts. As maternity clothes are one of the cornerstones for future mama’s wardrobe, we provide a wide array of maternity wear with different styles, designs and imprints that every mother will find something different for her in our offering. Our Maternity t-shirts with delightful imprints are ideal choice for fashionable moms which give a sensational look while walking.

Funny Maternity T-Shirts Bump Tees Bump Babies Clothes

Maternity T-Shirts

Bump yuga Bump Dress

Maternity T-shirts at Bump Babies are universal clothing during the pregnancy period of a woman that offers everything as per the needs and preferences of pregnant women. It means those clothes provide utmost comfort, luxury as well as stylish touch to your look. Most of the woman borrows loose clothes from their husbands to wear; but now you don’t need to use their clothes as our maternity shirts are here to cater your every maternity need effectively. Our maternity clothing can be worn throughout the maternity period as it is manufactured from flexible fabrics that allow you easily adjust with your growing tummy. We have a huge number of customers who love our high quality maternity tees. It’s very important to know that those are well-suited clothing alternative after the birth of infants for easy breastfeeding. Also one can gift our printed maternity clothes as an excellent present to the expectant mother or for the baby shower or a wonderful present on the eve of mother’s day. Show off the fun sides of our maternity tops to let the world know how exciting you are being pregnant. Contact us today for any queries regarding our products and services.

Offer Maternity T-Shirts as a Fantastic Gift to Expecting Mama’s

Maternity period is the most amazing time period for a woman. This spectacular time span offers some enjoyable as well as saddening moments. Earlier pregnant women were used to sacrifice her personal style during the remarkable maternity period of nine month time span. But if you will give up your fashion sense just because of your pregnancy, it means you are leaving behind the important part of yourself. So you don’t need to purchase boring smocked clothes while you are eagerly waiting for the arrival of cute little baby. Stick to maternity shirts; they will definite bring wonderful, comfort and fashionable feeling.

bump Tees Funny Maternity T-Shirts

If you want to purchase bump shirts for celebrating your pregnancy period, then you may get them from wide array of online shops and retail stores. But usually online shops offer a huge and latest collection of beautifully designed maternity t-shirts. You can get fresh and trendy collection of maternity shirts at Bump Babies. Our bump attires are designed by Renae Plant with the thought of being a mom. Some of them are funny themed apparel to let the world know that you are expecting a baby. As a husband if you want to offer a gift to your pregnant wife for delighting her mood, then definitely our funny shirts are perfect pick for a present.

Funny Maternity Shirts Fashionable Bump T-Shirts

Besides, we have an exceptional collection of stylish maternity clothes accompanying with maternity bump yoga pants, maternity bump dresses, funny maternity tops and much more. They are wonderful and thoughtful gift items for new moms. Whether you are looking for funny bump t-shirts or comfortable maternity wear for you or someone who is expecting, surely you will find a perfect gift in our shop at affordable prices.

High Quality Maternity T-shirts with Fashion and Style Options

Are you going to be a mother? If so, then it can be a tougher time period to maintain your regular life style. During the nine month of pregnancy, developing period of your baby inside your womb may make it very difficult to choose clothes that help you look and feel great as well. Thanks to maternity wear, you may look stylish and fashionable while creating a miracle of your life by wearing these shirts. They are comfortable, stylish and fun looking shirts with a capacity of accommodating your growing bump.

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To purchase your maternity wardrobe; you need to focus on few important things. As they have greater demand in fashion essentials during a maternity period, so choose the fabric item that are durable and high-quality fabrics that won’t fade or shrink easily. With the right maternity shirts, you can enjoy the days of your maternity. Though you are pregnant, there no need to quit your social life. In fact, if you want to enjoy going to movie theatres, shopping malls or dining at your favorite restaurant; you can get all the works done comfortably with right maternity clothing.

Bump Dad Clothes Sympathy Bump Clothes for Daddy

If you are planning a romantic dinner in the town with your heavenly husband, then our maternity t-shirts will offer a perfect fit to attend a party or any other events as well. In the mean time don’t forget the dads-to-be. We offer a wide selection of super funky [bump]-daddy tees that gives an utmost dads-to-be credits for their part. They are perfect choice for the proud papa to announce your good news to the world. Maternity t-shirts of [bump] babies offer a wonderful fit to your each and every maternity need whether you need a casual, sporty or fashionable look. If you are lucky enough to have your own babies; then why don’t declare your pride to the whole world with our elite collection of maternity tees.

Wear Funny Maternity Shirts to Celebrate Your Pregnancy

Pregnancy is the most adorable period of a woman’s life. Life of a woman becomes meaningful when she will become a mother. Just because you are pregnant, don’t feel burdened while wearing your regular clothing. You don’t even have to lose your style at your most exciting maternity period. If you are a fashionable mom-to-be, then wear trendy maternity t-shirts and feel unique.

Bump Tees

Maternity shirts are the wonderful invention of clothing which offers a fabulous fashionable appearance as well as a comfortable feeling to the expecting mamas. As the bump of would-be mom’s grows; the size of maternity clothing will enhance along with it. Now-a-days these clothing may come in various designs, sizes and funny saying which are printed on it. The funny quotes written on the t-shirt may make the mood of pregnant mom more pleasant so that she can forget all the pains associated with her pregnancy.

Bump Dad Clothes

If you want to offer a beautiful present to your lovely wife during her maternity period, then these maternity t-shirts are the fantastic gift for her. Not only she will feel very special about you but also get a cozy feeling while wearing it.

Funny Maternity T-Shirts

If you want to purchase clothing for celebrating most amazing maternity period, then make a thorough research on internet. You can also find varieties of fabrics at your local shopping malls; but you may get more fashionable and trendy maternity clothing online.

Bump Shirt

[bump] babies is an online shop specializing in funny themed maternity apparel for expecting mamas and papas to let everyone know that you are expecting your baby in a fashionable way. Our exclusive funny maternity t-shirts, yoga pants, novelty tees and many more are the wonderful as well as thoughtful gifts for mamas-to-be. Whether you want to buy funny maternity t-shirts with cute saying or comfortable clothing for your amazing pregnancy period, our online store is the perfect choice for mamas and papas-to-be. Be proud to celebrate your maternity period with our fashionable t-shirts.

Feel Uniqueness of Being Pregnant with Funny Maternity T-shirts

Clothing is one of the most important necessities of a human since ancient epoch. When it comes to women, outfit has a wonderful portion in her embellishment. That means a good outfit can change an ugly duckling to a beautiful swan. Now-a-days numerous women want to look fashionable in each and every aspect. In order to acquire a trendy appearance, one should wear elegant outfits. But during pregnancy, a woman usually chooses loose tops or t-shirts to hide her bumps. Just because of her pregnancy, she couldn’t wear her regular clothing. But now the time has changed; there is no need to cover her bumps or sit inside a closed room or not to wear loose clothes.

 Bump Shirts 2  Bump tees

Funny maternity t-shirts are one of the great inventions that may make your pregnancy enjoyable despite of suffering maternity related symptoms. You may get a better feeling by wearing maternity outfits with funny inscriptions. They may not only lighten your stressed mood but also offer uniqueness while wearing it.

Bump Babies Clothes  bump tees1

You can easily get varieties of funny maternity t-shirts with various trendy designs at your nearest local shops or many online stores. If you are the one who depends on the internet, then you can see here the amazing collections of maternity clothes to choose from. While shopping for maternity t-shirts, it does not matter what kind of clothes you purchase in whatever price, all you need to ensure that whether they are soft and comfort enough to wear along with your growing belly or not.

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Want to purchase funny maternity shirts? Visit [bump] babies today; here you can get huge selection of fashionable bump t-shirts, tops, yoga pants, funny maternity tees and many more at competitive prices. You can gift cute maternity t-shirts or comfortable funny shirts to someone who is expecting baby with our exclusive latest collection. Enjoy the precious moment of being pregnant with our maternity clothes.

Look Fashionable with Maternity T-shirts During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is the time period in a woman’s life that seems to be very exciting as well as tiring. Mamas-to-be must get tired due to their morning activities with morning sickness and growing body parts.

Maternity Clothes

At the certain time of their pregnancy, women will no longer fit to wear most of their usual clothes. As the baby inside the womb of a moms-to-be grows, the belly of a pregnant woman grow bigger and bigger. Eventually, she will need to purchase maternity clothes.

Maternity Shirts

Trendy maternity t-shirts are the garments which are specially designed to fit the body lining of a pregnant woman. Now-a-days maternity clothes that you may find in the market are quite stylish as well as fashionable to look at. After the baby is born, then also a woman can wear those comfortable bump t-shirts up to 3 months for their easy breastfeeding to their infants.

Bump T-Shirts

Comfortable Fabrics

Now-a-days maternity shirts are the more effective fabric choice during the pregnancy period of a woman. This clothing offers a better feeling and the best part is that the fabric material stretches with your growing body lining.

Funy Maternity T-Shirts

Dress For The Occasion

Who said that you can’t look stylish in a party or in a get together if you are pregnant? Now you can wear fashionable maternity dresses that are free and flowing which offer you a delicate as well as gorgeous feminine appearance.

Maternity T-Shirts


You can spice up your appearance with bright and colorful jewelry which will make you trendy, fashionable, bright and fresh. A string of pearls may draw attention of people away from your belly.

Brighten up your fashionable appearance with trendy bump shirts.

Feel Comfortable with Funny Maternity T-shirts During Your Pregnancy

In a woman’s life, pregnancy is the most wonderful experience. So, she should enjoy every bit of it. To some a growing belly may seem ugly, but according to me it is the real beauty of a woman. In fact your growing belly has a baby inside it so how can it be ugly. Rather we can say it is the actual beauty. So, at this point of time, it is very much essential to take care of your health as it directly affects your baby. So, keeping this in mind, fashion designers have designed a large number of unique maternity clothes to help the expectant mothers feel comfortable. And funny maternity t-shirts are among them.


So, are you looking for funny maternity t-shirts to wear during pregnancy? You do not have to wait for a long time to find the one because now-a-days you will find a lot of funny ones in the market. Most of these shirts are available with funny prints while others have funny statements printed on it.


You can purchase these t-shirts of V-necks or round necks and can buy some that are available in different designs such as prints and statements. As these are available in different size, you can buy it according to your size. One of the most important things related to these t-shirts is that you can wear them even after your pregnancy.


Thus, finding these t-shirts are not difficult. If you want a wider selection of these t-shirts, bump babies is the best place for you to shop. We offer funny maternity clothes to the expecting mom and dad. We have a wide collection that includes bump tees, yoga pants, bump tanks. bump marrock, bump vees and funny maternity tops for would be moms.

Maternity T-shirts must have Fashion Element for Expecting Pregnancy Lady

The perfect cloth gives a perfect and attractive look, keeping the fashion quotient up. During gestation period, maternity T-shirts are easy to use because it gives you relax and can sooth your body. These form right outfits for the grand parties, some celebrations, lunch and dinner parties, brunch, get-together parties and a lot.


Boom basking Independence for upcoming motherhood:

  •  Maternity T-Garbs are mostly loose, well fitted to the physique like the tummy should not appear over enlarged.
  • It gives you relax and comfort to walk, run and exercise as needed during your pregnancy period.
  •  Feasible to wear especially during your check-up time.
  •  Prevent trouble of being trapped
  • Wearable on cotton garbs, formal dress, skirt, denims and loose trouser.


There are new patterns and designs maternity t-shirts like v-neck, u-neck, round neck, floral, bobby, square neck, monochrome print are available in the maternity fashion market. The light and bright colors are storming the style market to escalate the vogue quotient among modish mothers by making this pretty phase of life enjoyable and fashionable.


These types of dresses are available in many materials like leather, cotton, crepe and more. Attractive printed tee’s not only make the unbelievable mothers look younger but make the daily chores and basic work similar the way before gestation. This getup smartly hideaway the surplus flab gathered near the tummy area. By flattering the face also, T-shirts make you look completely young even if you are expecting the first baby.


These can be used even after the gestation for a few months to your breastfeed the newborn baby easily. Here are a lot of folds in single tee which is extremely useful. It can be utilized like tiny gown, easy to lift up, open mammary gland zipper, collar-round neck, back side zipper, middle bands etc. It all depends on the selection of a female. It looks simple but stylish and trendy. It never makes you feel older in age while carrying your first child.


 Some clothes are made costly because the exceedingly porous and spongy material maintains the abdomen size and never makes it appear such as bulged out. Further, these dresses are great for summer time when the body itself liberates too hot. The spongy dress succumbs to the perspiration without making you feel uncomfortable. No need to wear something extra because it covers your total body. Floral and frill designs t-maternal garbs surely look fashionable and gorgeous on all pregnant ladies. Mainly spouse is preferred logo and motherhood messages tee’s to gift their lovely and pretty partner during this period.


bump babies is one of the popular company which is situated in Los Angeles, CA that provides all sorts of stylish and trendy costumes with sexy and funny maternity dress. We also equip short and knee length clothes which are easily available to impart style and add grace to your personality.

Now Available the Funny Maternity Shirts in the Garb Market During your Pregnancy

Every woman wants to become a mother. Because of it gives a complete lady. Pregnancy is the most important period of every woman’s life. It is the sensitive moment when your kid is inside of you. Generally all women think that gestation is similar to unfashionable dresses. It is not a right thinks. There is no wonder and you can wear a stylish garb and feel modish during the gestation period. You just require to do some smart in your maternity dresses.

A few years ago the dress designers did not make any fashionable garb for pregnant lady but today has totally changed for this situation. It is surprising news that to know there are a lot of Textile Companies focused on producing more and more wonderful and stylish dress for these ladies. The designers are giving concentrate the manufacturing more and more fashionable garbs for them. Now you may buy the high quality pant or jeans specially decorated for you.

The varying numbers of items mean shirts or jeans pant are available in the bazaar that fit your wide tummy. These funny maternity clothes have become a popular all of them. The modern ladies do not like to wear loose garbs only during their gestation period. They would like to wear stylish, fashionable dress that properly suit their body as well as look charming in this time period.

As it is a modern age, you can wear every type of dress to suitable for you. Just find out a proper maternity shirt and pant which matches to your body shape. The main thing is how and where you get on this maternity clothing. Don’t worry. You can go about finding online; you will get better option and wide range these materials. The online shop is suitable for the pregnant lady because they need not go to the shopping mall. You can get easily sitting in your home. You can find jeans and T-shirts all over the internet.

The major role is budgeted for these materials. So don’t think about its cost. No need extra charge bears for you. You will get every type of dresses with affordable prices. As T-shirts are very easy to wash so its demand is sky-high. And no loss your beauty while washing these.

Few some tips about the cloth:

Still now tunic dresses are looked very fashionable and stylish-a lengthy shirt that finished above the knee looks very attractive. Jeans pant with flexible tummy band give you modern and sexy look. You can choice for you either a looser top or fitting maternity T-shirt, especially in the skinny fashion. It can increase your pretty bump. Just mix it few amount of accessories like a pair of heels with your T-shirt or jeans will ever give you a different look.